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104) My New Design “VTOL Mega Yacht Craft”

7월 12, 2009

Photo 3
Photo 1
With MacBook,Left and Right is reversed!
Photo 2

Both of the design was drawing in My Tent before I sleep.
Bell type jet engine Mega Yacht is last night drawing.
July-11-2009 Saturday Night.

In u.s.a and korea,
I don’t have any relationship with n.y.p.d or pentagon.
I don’t have any foreign relationship.
I am south korean homeless Man.
I don’t know any politician,any movie actor/actress,
real estate agent,billionaire,millionaire,insurance agent,
I am just Homeless and I don’t have wife and kids.
I have never married.

July-12-2009 Sunday pm 4:12
with displayed white color MacBook in
Apple Computer store on
2700 Clarendon Blvd
Arlington V.A 22201
(Arlington County)


103) How could you expect good relationship with me?

7월 6, 2009

Photo 10
이 사진은 베데스다 메릴랜드 애플 매장에서 찍은 건데 그걸 올렸다.
Photo 3

I cannot understand u.s.a.
How could they expect good relationship with me in the future?
They have stolen My IDEA and My DESIGN and
My CODE and they have used my idenity.

And after I exposed c.i.a drug business and
microsoft internet explorer identity theft case to the world,
there have been Cheating,Taunts,Threatening,Stealing,Spitting on my face
in public.

How could they expect good relationship with me?
They seemed to pay back humiliation to me what I gave to
japanese consul in paraguay.
This is the reason why they have used young students to give a humiliation
in public from more than 4 years ago.
It happened from los angeles to me.

Hey you former president one and vice president one!
Why don’t you want to talk with me in public?
Your country has serious financial problem.
I gave you idea already.
Why don’t you beg to japan for the japanese constructed railroad
what could bring very well developed-economy?

Based on the japanese consul’s economy philosophy,
u.s and u.k could escape from hughes national deficit and
IMF situation.
Go to beg for the railroad to japanese king!

I think this is the right to trust Railroad Magic Power.
Don’t you think so?

Don’t stop believing the japanese constructed railroad Magic Power!
I know you believe it!

중국의 채근담에 보면 이런 말이 있지.
“사람은 자기가 가장 우습다고 생각할 때에,
자기의 본성을 드러낸다!”

얼마나 관찰력이 뛰어난 말인지 모르겠더라구.
너무나도 정확하게 저속한 인간의 본성을
묘사하고 있거든.

이런 병신들이 주뎅이만 까져서
하나님이니 성경이니 하면서
일 벌려 놓고서는
안절부절 하는 꼬라지를 보니,
기가 막혀서 말이 안나오네 말이 안나와!

일이 펑크가 나니까
미안하다! 잘못했다!고 떠드는데,
일이 펑크가 나기 전에는
자신들의 행위가 잘못 되었다는 생각은
하지 않았더랬나?

애들이야 애들?

이런 병신들이 있냐 이거지 내 말은!

뭐가 옳고 그런 것을 알면서
누군가가 자신들의 행위를 드러내기까지
끝까지 숨기려고 했던 것이
미국인들의 기독교인생활태도라는 것에서
한심하기 짝이 없는 철학을
엿 볼 수 있다 하겠다.

성경에 보면은,
“자기자신을 속이지 마라!”고 되어 있거든.

이 미국새끼년들은 남도 속이고
자기 자신도 속이는 천박한 것들이더라구.

절대로 믿지 마라!
주뎅이 놀리면,
“시간 됐구나!”라고 생각하면 된다.

“미친놈/미친년 발작시간이 됐구나!”라고

with dislayed white color MacBook
in Apple Computer store on
2700 Clarendon Blvd
Arlington V.a 22201
Arlington County

102) MY Wish List

7월 6, 2009

Photo 3
This is with MacBook.Left and Right is reversed.
Look at the letter on the sign.

I need Tobacco in the Can “Black Captain”-Pack is more expensive.Look at the oz.
And My Wish List

Bring this first to me!

2)CASH like this in 8 Tennis Bag
100 Billion Dollar Bill in 4 Tennis bag
100 Billion Euro Bill in 4 Tennis bag

3) All Credit Card,All Gas Card,All Roadside Service Card,RV Card,HomeDepot,WalMart,Costco,Sam’s Card-Each:Gold,Platinum,Titanium,Diamond CARD ^_^

4) MayBach 62S Full Option
RV Fleetwood Revolution LE,Saleen S7 TT/S8 TT,
Koenigsegg CCXR/CCYR,Mclaren F1/F2
5) 777 Trillion Dollar Trunk Bag
777 Trillion Euro Trunk Bag
5-1) 888,888,888,888,888 Trillion Dollar CASH-Operate Money Machine!

*RV must be Full Option with No Propane/Diesel/
Satellite TV/Internet/Phone,Washer/Dryer
Fleetwood Revolution LE-RV
CountryCoach VERANDA-RV
Newmar Essex-RV
Seawind 300 C New Model
VTOL Concord 2nd Generation My Design and My Option-I have 8 Design
VTOL Business Jet My Design-I have a lot.
VTOL CVF 4XL-7 Times:Longer,Wider,Higher,Faster,30 Times Thicker
VTOL CVN-21 5XL-8 Times:Longer,Wider,Higher,Faster,40Times Thicker
Citroen GT
Pininfarina Sintesi
Giugiaro Quaranta
Lambourghini Estoque
Koenigsegg CCXR/CCYR
Mclaren F1/F2
Saleen S7 TT/S8 TT
BMW 760S/M6/
Maybach 57S/62S/Flying Maybach
Lexus LS460L/LS600
Citroen GT
Porsche Cayenne Turbo S/Panamera
Pagani Zonda/Zonda 2
Cirrus C Jet/G3/G4

*Complete all of my wish lists what I have and
whatever I gonna have!-ALL TO ME!!!
(I don’t have any foreign friend and
I am a South Korean Homeless Man
I don’t have wife and kid.)
* CIA- 777 Billion Dollar Bring to me with Car and All car
what is in 3).First bring 222 Billion Dollar CASH and
Later, When I give you the date, bring 555Billion Dollar CASH to me.
*I.R.S-10 Trillion Dollar CASH First Net!
998 Billion Dollar CASH Net Every Year.
998 Billion Dollar Loan
From World Bank,B of A,Chase,Wells Fargo,Swiss Bank,
Lloyd Bank,PNC,,,

Fisker Karma All Model and RV
Bentley Zagato,Geely GT
Pininfarina Sintesi
Giugiaro Quaranta
Rinspeed Submersible:2Dr,4Dr,SUV,VAN,RV
Koenigsegg CCXR 2Dr,4Dr,
Koenigsegg CCXR Engine with 2Dr,4Dr,SUV,VAN
by Henrik Fisker’s Design and RV too
Morgan Life car,
Maybach Exelero,57s,62s
Lamborghini Concept S
Duesenberg 1930 Model J Torpedo LeBaron
1923 Model A,1935 Model J
1930 Auburn Boattail Speed Car
1932 Stutz DV-12 Convertible
Mercedes 300LL Gullwing,540K Cabliolet,R350
Lincoln MKX Concept and 1938 Zephyr
Cadillac1930 V-12 and V-16
Ford T Model 2Dr and 4Dr
Rolls Royce 1934 Phantom II Star of India and
1925 Picadilly Roadster and
1930 Cord-Torpedo L/29
Renault ZX1 Megane Coupe
Audi Locus
Hummer HX Concept
Saleen S7 and s5s Raptor and 331S
F/A Talon-Single seat,Coupe,Sedan,SUV,VAN,RV with My Option
EDI- Single seat,Coupe,Sedan,SUV,VAN,RV with My Option
Gress Aerospace-Personal Air Vehicle
Velocity Aircraft
Seawind 300C with my option
Falx Hybrid Electric Tilt Rotor Concept
Hawker Sea Fury FB.11and Tempest F MK ii
Lockheed Martin F-104G Starfighter
Memesis NXT
Focke-Wulf FW 200C-1 Condor / FW 190
Lavochkin LA-5FN
Messerschmitt BF 109 and 209 and 110C4/B
AVRO Lancaster B.MK I
North American Mustang P-51D,1954 interceptor
Supermarine Spitfire FR.MK.18
Vought F4U Corsair
Heinkel HE 100
B-25H Mitchell
Northrop P-61
Polikarpov I-16
Yakovlev YAK-1 and YAK-9
Douglas Skyraider Aew MK.1
Dornier Do.31-E-1 VSTOL and Do.335 Pfeil(Arrow)
General Dynamic F-111 with Retactable Water ski like J2F Duck type
Bell D-188/F-109,XV-15
Curtiss X-19
McDonnell XF-85 Goblin with wheel
Burt Rutan New Model
Newport News Shipyard CVN-21
=> Civilian version with full option and my option
BAE system CVF
=> Civilian version with full option and my option
Seawind 300C 2DR/4DR and My option
Avanti Diamond shape tale wing with jet engine/P180

*My Design Aircrafts/Cars:
Ex)Airbus A380UHCA,Concorde 2nd Generation Designes,
Blohm and Voss 138 modified 3Twin HYSET engine Design,,,etc!

*Contact:Leave your messege here
Or Leave your message in
Sign My Guest Book
(It doesn’t need to sign in)

Or Come to me!-This is BEST!
I sleep in My Tent on the side street on
14th st between H st and New York Ave
in washington d.c.

** I exposed C.I.A drug business to the world through internet
when I lived in Los Angeles and I exposed Microsoft Internet
Explorer Identity theft case through internet, too.
And I exposed Biggest church in the world Pastor
Cho Yong Ghee’s wrong attitude through internet,too.
(He helped a rapist pastor to escape to Hawaii in Korea)


You might know My Price is increased.

Each one of My IDEA and My DESIGN and MY CODE is
998,998,998,998,998 Trillion u.s Dollar,Euro,Won,
Yen,Brasil Real,France Frank,Mark CASH and
Pair of Swiss Fastina GOLD SET and
VTOL Supersonic Subemersible Aircraft Carrier Craft with
My Design and My Option and
100% Pure GOLD COIN-South Korean Antique Coin-
490 Container(40 Foot) with this conditon:
Pay in Full First
No Warranty
No After Service
No Money Back
Sales is Final
No Sales Tax

by Jul-6-2009 Monday pm 3:49

And today I added Link My in here.

Now I came here in
Apple Computer store on
2700 Clarendon Blvd
Arlington V.A 22201
Monday pm 3:23 Jul-6-2009
(Because in Marylnad Bethesda Ave Bethesda city
Apple Computer store,There was two fat black cop
who blocked me in there.-They said “It is Trespassing!”
Black and Nigernized Attitude.What a dude and stupid.
I told you racism is not avoidable.
Do you think in the store “Trespassing” is possible?
-I didn’t intend to intrude the inside office-)

101) I delivered this letter to most of Embassy in washington d.c.

7월 4, 2009

Photo 1
Photo 2Photo 3Photo 4Photo 5Photo 6Photo 7
Just like this people blocked My Background when I
tried to take a picture with my letter what I delivered to
the most of Embassy in washington d.c between Dec-24-2004 to Jan-12-2005.
They seemed to be madeline albright connection.
It means democratic party and gay community.

Whenever I type a letter,they talk loudly or speak on the
It means there is intelligence technology to disturb
There is no doubt about it.
It have happened around me from manhattan 4 years ago.

How could be there so many coincidence and timing on
the same situation?

I created 3D2S Concept.
Different Face
Different Race
Different Place
Same Technic
Same Operation

Still the lady talk behind me so fastly and nervously,
Even in Apple Computer store 2700 Clarendon Blvd Arlington V.A 22201 happened same thing by the floor
sales man and woman.

Whenever I type,they talked loudly behind me Fastly and
Even they shouted behind me.

I think madeline albright might be hiding in the cross
street building for watching me.

I do not support jewish and gay.

They are minority and I am minority.

I exposed Durg Business and identity theft
and opposed gay right.

They have bothered me and
they have enjoyed Cheating,Taunts,Threatening,Stealing
to me and against me.

Who are they?

They are nothing more than Drug and Gay Minority.

4 of My Friend(south korean) worked in the c.i.a
Drug carrier ship.

김상식목사-Kim Sang Sik(Pastor-)
김선정-Kim Sung Jung(Los Angeles C.A Kim Sang Sik Brother in law)
박재성-Park Jae Sung
배상-Mr Bae in New York

Most of them speak speak Spanish and Portuguese and

Kim Sun Jung who live in los angeles told me about
c.i.a drug business after he came back from the drug
carrier ship when we were living in Paraguay.

And now,
I could concern about c.i.a perceived it and
they have watched me.

And they have prepared Set-Up with other guy who
look like me for the fake evidence against me.

After I found out their operation against me,
I exposed the c.i.a Drug Business and Microsoft
Internet Explorer Identity Theft Case to the world
through internet in los angeles c.a.

I think it is my right!

I cannot understand what is wrong.

I suggested public talking but u.s.a ignored it.

I cannot understand what is their point.

Just through this way they have enjoyed
Cheating,Taunts,Threatening and Stealing.

I do not trust u.s government and minority.

Even if u.s.a move their ass about it now,
it is just better than nothing.

Do you want to move your ass now?
Move it!

You don’t want?
Don’t move!

Who care?

I think,
Bill Clinton cannot enjoy his wealth because of public eyes.

So,chelsea clinton’s black organization and boy prostitute organization have chased me with many other minority and police and intelligence agencies.

Kim Sun Jung who is living in Los Angeles told me about
the c.i.a Drug Business.

There was a episode.

Jul-4-2009 Saturday pm 12:49
with displayed MacBook Air in
Apple Computer store on
4860 Bethesda Ave
Bethesda M.D 20814
Photo 2


100) in u.s.a,gay people lost their mind.Decode My CODE, if you have worked with me.

7월 3, 2009

Photo 3This photo is with MacBook Air.
It is My Left Knee what has a small horn.

I am not intelligence agent.
I am just normal south korean Homeless Man
in washington d.c.
I had slept in box in mahattan more than 4 years.
I was jailed more than 20 times.
Police took me to the police station jail while I slept
in box after midnight while I slept.
They arrested me after breaking the boxes when I was
They shouted simply,
“Get Out~~~!”

I couldn’t understand because
there was no violation.

Through the way,
I lost lot of stuff.

I think police have supported other guy
who have used my identity.

Even,they gave me ticket more than 20 times,too.

One day when I was in the corner on 54th st and
Lexington Ave, 2 bicycle police came to me.
And they asked me,
“Do you konw ludolph giuliani?”
I said,
“I don’t know.”
Then the police told me,
“If you don’t know ludolph giuliani,
you cannot stay here.
Go other place!”

Just like this,I had to move other location
many times.

I am 21 days fasting prayer christian
who exposed c.i.a Drug Business and
Microsoft internet explorer identity theft case
to the world and
I opposed gay right.

I didn’t know “Exposing Drug Business and
Exposing Identity Theft was illegal in u.s.a!”

In my other homepage,
I suggested ‘Constitution Amendment’.

I think there was not Public Announcment
about it,yet.

most of senators got my message about
‘Proposition 998 about All People Drug Test
and All People HIV Test Annually’
through their contact form in their website
around 3 month ago.It was late march 2009.

Until now,
there is no answer about it.

In u.s.a capitol,most of senators and congressmen
has Drug and HIV Quality of life.
There is no doubt!

after I sent the message to u.s senators,
one black guy who work in Apple Computer store on
2700 Clarendon Blvd Arlington V.A 22201 told me,
“Now, you can have a job.”

I don’t know the black guy but he told me like that.

After I sent my message to u.s senators,
One black guy told you can have a job,now.

It means
they blocked me to have a job.
Senators in Capitol!

Even,they got innocent hostages.
People told me that.

In public,gay and boy prostitutes and drug organization
have enjoyed Cheating,Taunts,Threatening,Stealing to me as much as public could perceive their operation.

Through the way,
in other place,they have pretended somebody who has
close relationship with me.

So,I could know one of their organization have used my
identity and he might be gay and drug user and trouble

The organization should be intelligence agency with
politician and i.r.s background

By federal law,
Homeless doesn’t need to make income tax report.

But there is i.r.s operation,too.

u.s.a and other intelligence agency and u.s.a and other government,
if you have worked with me,
you should know My CODE.

You shouldn’t decode My CODE.

Do you know this?
ضضپبمیقتلحٍنرپببنٍنینبظنثپفخضمبیدسطپًاشضپببحثنبشمفپبمفپٍنسخ یدمفمبمفپطپ

Now,it is pm 5:41 Friday July-3-2009
I created this CODE.

If you have worked with me,
you should know this CODE.

“Do not DECODE this!”

“You must know this!”

This is not too long,
So Decoding time must be less than
5 minute.

You must know how to read it immediately
if you have worked with me.

이 새끼들이 얼마나 거짓말들 해대는지,
주뎅이는 까질떼로 까져가지고,
공개적으로 개 지랄들을 다 해대드라구.

민간인들을 납치까지 해서
저 개 지랄들을 하드라구.
경찰들과 변호사들과 정치인들과
워렌버페와 루펄드 머독과 도날드 트럼프와
수 많은 방송국들과 상원들과 하원들과 시장들과
판사들과 교회들과 게이들과 창녀들과 학생창놈들과
학생창녀들과 흰머리 난 노인네들과 경비들과
컴퓨터 회사들과 빌 게이츠와 스티브 잡스와
기타등등이 개 지랄들을 해대드라구.

만일 5분 안에 저 코드를 모르면
나하고 같이 일은 한 것이 아니지.

나는 그 어느 정보국과 같이 일을
한 적이 없거든.

100억달러짜리 지폐가 들은 테니스 가방 4개하고
100억유로짜리 지폐가 들은 테니스 가방 4개하고
신용카드 몽땅하고
개스카드 몽땅하고
자동차 써비스카드 몽땅하고
코스트코,쌤스,홈디폿,월마트 카드를
각각 골드,플라티늄,타이타늄,다이아몬드카드로 해서
가지고 오고,
뉴말 에쎅스 알비나
풀릿우드 레볼루션 엘이 풀옵션으로 해서
세탁기하고 인공위성 티비,전화,인터넷하고
디이젤로 하고 프로판 없는 걸로 해서 갖고 오너라!

내 홈페이지하고 블로그에 있는
내 위시 리스트들 다 완성하고
내가 앞으로 만들 위시 리스트들도 있으니까
지금 있는 것 부터 빨랑빨랑 움직여서
갖고 오도록 해라!

알칸사스의 티비 앵커우먼 살인 사건은
게이가 저지른 것 같더라.

예를 들어서,
빌 클링턴이 주시하고 있는 어떤 남자에 대해서
그 여자가 호감을 가지고 있으니까
그랬을 수가 있고,
어떤 영화배우나 모델이 관심을 가지고 있는 남자에 대해서
그 여자가 관심을 표명하니까
질투심에 죽였을 수가 있지.

백인들의 속성 가운데 하나인데,
자신들이 원하는 것을 얻으려고 하는데,
경쟁자가 있다는 것이 발견이 되면
살인을 서슴치 않거든.

그것이 지금 많은 사람들이
내 주변에서 저 마약쟁이들과 동성애자들이
민간인들을 납치했다고 얘기를 해 주더라구.

내가 아침을 먹는 교회에서 일하는 어떤 깜둥이는
날 더러 “니 동생 줘 패겠다!”고 그러더라구.


교회에서 일하는 깜둥이가 나 한테 그러더라구.

그걸 거기에 와서 자원봉사하는 어떤 백인 여자애도

깜둥이들은 짐승이라니까!

그 백인여자애도 놀래서
나를 쳐다 보고 그 놈을 쳐다 보더라구.

내가 보니까 그 깜둥이새끼가
교회에서 홈레스를 살피는 경찰새끼같더라구.

교회에서 홈레스에게 식사를 주는 곳에는
경찰 깜둥이들이 와서 일을 하거든.

경찰이 민간인들을 납치해서
인질로 데리고 있다는 것을 알 수가 있었지.

이것이 미국이라는 것을!
이것이 동성애자들이라는 것을!
이것이 미국 교회의 현실이라는 것을!

전 세계에 널리 널리 전파하도록!

성경을 들고서 찾아오면,
그냥 박살을 내버리라구.

크리스챤 쇼맨쉽이 얼마나 발달했는지,
공개적인 자리에서
뒤지게 크리스챤인척 하잖아!

절대로 믿지 말 것!
마약과 동성애자들과 어울려서
사기치는 사기꾼들이라는 것을
전 세계에 알리라구.

그런식으로 하다가
상대방이 믿고 마음문을 열면은
그 때 정보가 다 새나가는 것이고,
다른 얼굴들이
자신들의 마약활동과 게이활동과
사기치는 일에 동원이 되는 것이지.

이러한 것을 알지 못하는 사람들에게
반듯이 알려야만 하는 것이 바로
여호와 하나님의 직접 명령이라는 것을
에스겔서 33장을 보면 알 수가 있지.

그래서 얘긴데,
미국의 목사들은
하나님이 말씀하신데로
“내가 저들의 피를
너에게서 찾으리라!”하는 경고에
다들 걸려 들었더라구.

바른 소리를 안하고
주뎅이들을 닥치고들 앉았잖아!


너네 미국 목사새끼들 중에서
에드워드 케네디하고
테드 케네디 한테,
“당신들은 기독교인으로서
동성애자의 권리를 지지하면 안됩니다!”라고,
말을 한 목사가 이제까지
하나도 없었다면서?

니들은 지옥행이지 쨔샤!

변호사 때문에 그랬다구?

테드 케네디가 상원이 된 것이
그 때부터 변호사들이 니들 주뎅이를 막았었냐?

말도 안되는 개소리지!

Jul-3-2009 Friday pm 5:10
with displayed MacBook Air in
Appl Computer store on
4860 Bethesda Ave
Bethesda M.D 20814
Montgomery County


99) I respect Adolf Hitler!

7월 3, 2009

Photo 1
It is My Left Knee what has a small horn.
MacBook has Contrast Angle.Left hand look like Right hand.

Photo 2Photo 3

I respect Adolf Hitler.
He was a Outstanding Speecher.
=>Without Excellent Philosophy,Penetrating Power Deeply
on Audience’s Mind and Heart is ‘IMPOSSIBLE’.
Creating Irresistable IMPRESSION is ‘IMPOSSIBLE’,too.
Adolf Hitler,
He was man of God who followed Bible.
He hated Gay just like Jehovah GOD hate Gay.
He put Gay and Jewish and Gay Christian
in the Auschuwitz.
: I think,in Germany at the time,there had been
jewish and gay and catholic and protestant cooeration
for gay life and investment and trafficking business.
(Based on My Speculation)
Through the way,
Human Right was not available in the Auschuwitz
except Animal Treatment.
(Based on Victor Frankle’s book ‘Death Compound’)

*Do you know
In the Jesus Trial,
jewish people shouted “Let his blood be on us and
our descendents!” in the courtyard.

Their Wish came true trough
Adolf Hitler’s Auschuwitz Operation.

And now,

Gay Trafficking and
identity Theft and
Fraud Operation could be found in u.s.a
by Gay Community and Drug Organization and
Catholic Vatican and Protestante Christian and
Jewish Community and Italian Community and
Irish Community and u.s.a Black Community and
African Black Community and
Puerto Rican Community and Venezuelan Community
and Philippine Community and British Community
and Mexican Community and Chinese Community
and Korean Community and Japanese Community
and India Community and Russian Community
and most of other Minor Community and
French Community and Spanish Community and
White hair caucasian-Specially old ones and
IT business Companies and Enterpreises
-ex) Sony,Samsung,IBM,Apple,Dell,HP,Panasonic,
Broadcasting Companies,Movie Production Companies,
Magazine Companies(Specially TIME-People told me!),
Novell Prize Association(Just like Iranian Judge said,
it was a Fraud and it was Gay Trafficker and
Drug Organization Business),,etc-.

I could understand about Adolf Hitler’s Auschwitz Operation
I respect Adolf Hitler.
He was a Man Of GOD.

2009년 7월 3일 금요일 오후 1시 58분
애플 컴퓨터매장에서 매장에 전시되어 있는
(Apple Computer store
4860 Bethesda Ave
Bethesda M.D 20814-Montgomery County)


98) Apple Computer store 4860 Bethesda Ave Bethesda M.D 20814

6월 30, 2009

Photo 1
Photo 2
Photo 3
This is My Design what I drew with ball pen in the bench before the entrance of lululemon
athletica store(4856 Bethesda Ave M.D 20814) today Jun-30-2009 Tuesday pm 1:26

Photo 4
Photo 5
This Smoking Bird what I did drawing in the Prison when I was taken to the Court Prison
100 Centre st in Manhattan last year 2008.When I was in Manhattan,n.y.p.d put me in the jail more than 20 times and they gave me ticket more than 20 times,too,Unreasonably.
When I slept in the box,after midnight police broke the box and they arrested me.
This is u.s.a police department event.It happened in los angeles,too.
One N.Y.P.D was fired because he didn’t arrest Homeless.
The police said “Homeless didn’t violate anything.Why do I arrest the Homeless?”
Police Department answer was “You didn’t follow order! So you are fired!”
I saw this through AM New York newspaper.
Whenever I was arrested by n.y.p.d while I slept in the box on the street,everything was gone after I came back from the Court Prison next day.
Staying in the prison is around 1 day or more than 20 hours.
My IBM Diary was gone what was in my Flash Drive.
My SD Cards lost All Images when I tried to make a CD in CVS Pharmacy.
Most of my clothes and stuff was gone.
Same thing happened to other homelesses,too.
They doesn’t have guilty feeling about stealing.
u.s.a Human Right is for Only
Drug organization and
Gay People and
Boy Prostitutes and
Girl Prostitutes.

Photo 6
This is BV-138 and Adams Craft Modified Design SSBJ

Photo 7
Photo 8
My Design SSBJ what has Double Engine on the lower Tail Wing-HYSET Engine or F-135

Photo 9
My New u.s Passport with Expired one.
Photo 10
I used MacBook Air what is displayed on the other side Wall.
And in the other picture,
The street behind me is the Bethesda Ave.

*이 애플 컴퓨터 매장에 전시되어 있는
아이맥으로 찍어서 왼쪽 오른쪽이 반대로 되어 있다.
오늘 여기 애플 매장 바로 옆에 있는
루루 아슬래티카 문 앞에 있는 벤치에서
오후 1시 반경에 그린
호화수상여객항공기 디자인 볼펜으로 그린거 하고,
이틀전 일요일 밤 자정에
워싱턴 시 14가와 H st과 New York Ave사이
길가에 텐트안에서 그린 벨 609와 비슷한
수직이착륙 젯트 엔진 3개 달린거 그렸다.
좀 특이하게 비행기 뒷부분이 2층으로 되어 있다.

2009년 6월 30일 화요일 오후 3시 37분이었는데,
갑자기 다 없어져 버려서
오후 3시 45분 지금 다시 하고 있다.

4860 Bethesda Ave
Bethesda M.D 20814
Montgomery County


97) 내 아이디어와 디자인과 코드와 기타,,등등!

6월 29, 2009

Photo 1
Photo 3

Aqui lo tengo Mis IDEAS y Mis Diseños y Mis Codigos y algo mas!

Yo soy Coreano quien habla castellano un poco.
Lo que esta aqui estan robado todito en Manhattan Nueva York.

하여간,뒤지게들 훔쳐가드라구.

내 아이디어와 디자인과 코드는(Each One of My IDEA and DESIGN and CODE)
각각 하나에(One of Each)
998,998,998,998,998 Trillion Dollar(u.s),Euro,Won,Yen,
Real(Brasil),Franc(France),Mark CASH and
Pair of Swiss Festina GOLD Set and
Supersonic VTOL Submersible Aircraft Carrier Craft with
My Option and My Design Wi~~~~~~~th
this CONDITION: Pay in Full First,-선불우선
No After Service,-판매후 책임없음,
No Warranty,-품질보증기간 없음,
No Guarranty,-품질보증 없음,
No Money Back,-환불없음,
Sales is Final,-매매후 책임없음,
No Sales TAX-판매세 없음

*From June-29-2009 Monday pm 4:09
=>요것들이 약 올라 죽을라고 그러지?
“고럼,약이나 팍!팍! 올라라!”-뭔 재간 있겠어!
Photo 5
이 새 디자인을 들고 찍은 동영상(VIDEO)이 있다.
여기에 가봐라.
Photo 9Photo 1

2___ad30187d01944e07aae38a9e62bcd909953x617)__1723__600x0)___0d06f695df67429ebed24e458b5163c8(599x388)__64__(@0x500)My Design XWBXuntitled___e1798ff4199b443cb9bde50142fd27fb(1209x644)__47__

Jun-29-2009 Monday pm 3:13
with displayed MacBook Air in
Apple Computer store on
4860 Bethesda Ave
Bethesda M.D 20814
(Montgomery County)


96) Starbuck Coffee Shop Card

6월 27, 2009

Photo 3Photo 4Photo 5Photo 6
Photo 9Photo 10
Photo 11Photo 12
Photo 1Photo 2

One asian lady gave me Starbuck Card.
(#6034 7906 1502 3653)
So,I could have one Venti Size
on Willow Lane and Wisconsin ave
in Maryland.

Even here,
Straight Operation
Turning Butt Operation

Both side Operation
Blocking My Sign and me Operation
Sudden Stop around me Operation
Taking a Step together same time Operation(At Signal)

하여간,별 지랄 같은 인간들이
벼라별 개지랄들을 다 떤다 다 떨어!
(Starnized Star DoggyG-Ral All Shake and Shaking)

Jun-27-2009 Saturday pm 3:18
with displayed Apple MacBook Air in
Apple Computer store on
4860 Bethesda Ave
Bethesda M.D 20814


95) 비가 내렸네!

6월 27, 2009

Photo 10Photo 1Photo 2Photo 3Photo 4Photo 5Photo 6Photo 7Photo 8Photo 9
Photo 10Photo 11

맥북이라서 오른쪽 왼쪽이 반대다.
아까 뒤에 애들이 다 가고 배경이 비어있어서,
또 두장 찍었다.^_^

비가 내리니까,
내 뒤에 길가가 보일 것 같아서 찍었는데,
어떤 놈들이 뒤에서 가리고 서 있더라구.
그러면서 등에 체크무늬 입은 놈이 막고서 셀폰을
계속해서 쓰고 있더라구.

내 등 뒤를 왜 자꾸만 가리고들 있었데에~~?

뉴욕경찰이 유럽의 마약조직이었더구만.
켈리라는 프랑스 깜둥이 뉴욕경찰놈이
프랑스계 변호사하고 오질나게 까불었었구만.

나는 그 놈을 모르거든.

왜 지랄들이었데?

이래저래 전 세계 마약조직과 조직원들이
뽀롱뽀롱 들통이 나는구만.

미국의 소수계들을 통해서 무진장들
들어와 있구만!

교회가 그들 조직이 본부더라구.
사람들이 얘기하더구만!
미국은 성당과 교회가
납치조직의 본부더라구.

누가 의심을 하겠어?

저런 조직망을 갖추고 있는거지!

소련과 중공과 북한이
크리스챤들을 조심해 하는 것을
이해를 하겠더라구.

마약조직과 동성애자들과
게이창놈들과 사기꾼들과
신분도용조직과 납치범들이
교회를 중심으로 활동을 하고 있더라구.

뉴욕에서도 사람들이 뭐라는 줄 알아?

숨어서 나를 엿 먹이니까,
사람들이 날더러 들으라는 식으로
“저 짜식들 Holy Shit!”이라고 그러더라구.

“Holy Shit!”

지나가는 사람들이 그러더라구.

교회에서 납치도 하는가봐!

하여간에 행동들이
마약과 게이들을 위해서 일하는 것 같더라구.

나한테는 아주 정신나간 놈들마냥
히스테리를 부리거든.

특히,깜둥이들은 나 하고 싸울라고 들더라구.

교회에서 홈레스 식사할 때에,
거기서 일하는 놈들이.

깜둥이 경찰들이더라구.

미국깜둥이들은 전부 다
마약과 동성애자들을 위해서 뭉쳤더라구.

절대로 사귀지 말 것!

어디가서는 나 하고
무진장 친한척들을 하는 모양이더라구.

정신 나간 인간들이니까
전 세계에 알리라구.

성경에 있는데로
“절대로 사귀지 말 것!”

“성경은 절대로
평등을 지지하지 않는다구!”

사도바울 선생님과
예수님이 말씀하셨다구.

세번 얘기해서 안들으면,
교회 밖으로 내쫓고
이방인과 세리와 같이 여기라고!

Jun-26-2009 Friday pm 7:38
with displayed MacBook Air in
Apple Computer store on
4860 Bethesda Ave
Bethesda M.D 20814