104) My New Design “VTOL Mega Yacht Craft”

Photo 3
Photo 1
With MacBook,Left and Right is reversed!
Photo 2

Both of the design was drawing in My Tent before I sleep.
Bell type jet engine Mega Yacht is last night drawing.
July-11-2009 Saturday Night.

In u.s.a and korea,
I don’t have any relationship with n.y.p.d or pentagon.
I don’t have any foreign relationship.
I am south korean homeless Man.
I don’t know any politician,any movie actor/actress,
real estate agent,billionaire,millionaire,insurance agent,
I am just Homeless and I don’t have wife and kids.
I have never married.

July-12-2009 Sunday pm 4:12
with displayed white color MacBook in
Apple Computer store on
2700 Clarendon Blvd
Arlington V.A 22201
(Arlington County)


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