98) Apple Computer store 4860 Bethesda Ave Bethesda M.D 20814

Photo 1
Photo 2
Photo 3
This is My Design what I drew with ball pen in the bench before the entrance of lululemon
athletica store(4856 Bethesda Ave M.D 20814) today Jun-30-2009 Tuesday pm 1:26

Photo 4
Photo 5
This Smoking Bird what I did drawing in the Prison when I was taken to the Court Prison
100 Centre st in Manhattan last year 2008.When I was in Manhattan,n.y.p.d put me in the jail more than 20 times and they gave me ticket more than 20 times,too,Unreasonably.
When I slept in the box,after midnight police broke the box and they arrested me.
This is u.s.a police department event.It happened in los angeles,too.
One N.Y.P.D was fired because he didn’t arrest Homeless.
The police said “Homeless didn’t violate anything.Why do I arrest the Homeless?”
Police Department answer was “You didn’t follow order! So you are fired!”
I saw this through AM New York newspaper.
Whenever I was arrested by n.y.p.d while I slept in the box on the street,everything was gone after I came back from the Court Prison next day.
Staying in the prison is around 1 day or more than 20 hours.
My IBM Diary was gone what was in my Flash Drive.
My SD Cards lost All Images when I tried to make a CD in CVS Pharmacy.
Most of my clothes and stuff was gone.
Same thing happened to other homelesses,too.
They doesn’t have guilty feeling about stealing.
u.s.a Human Right is for Only
Drug organization and
Gay People and
Boy Prostitutes and
Girl Prostitutes.

Photo 6
This is BV-138 and Adams Craft Modified Design SSBJ

Photo 7
Photo 8
My Design SSBJ what has Double Engine on the lower Tail Wing-HYSET Engine or F-135

Photo 9
My New u.s Passport with Expired one.
Photo 10
I used MacBook Air what is displayed on the other side Wall.
And in the other picture,
The street behind me is the Bethesda Ave.

*이 애플 컴퓨터 매장에 전시되어 있는
아이맥으로 찍어서 왼쪽 오른쪽이 반대로 되어 있다.
오늘 여기 애플 매장 바로 옆에 있는
루루 아슬래티카 문 앞에 있는 벤치에서
오후 1시 반경에 그린
호화수상여객항공기 디자인 볼펜으로 그린거 하고,
이틀전 일요일 밤 자정에
워싱턴 시 14가와 H st과 New York Ave사이
길가에 텐트안에서 그린 벨 609와 비슷한
수직이착륙 젯트 엔진 3개 달린거 그렸다.
좀 특이하게 비행기 뒷부분이 2층으로 되어 있다.

2009년 6월 30일 화요일 오후 3시 37분이었는데,
갑자기 다 없어져 버려서
오후 3시 45분 지금 다시 하고 있다.

4860 Bethesda Ave
Bethesda M.D 20814
Montgomery County



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