99) I respect Adolf Hitler!

Photo 1
It is My Left Knee what has a small horn.
MacBook has Contrast Angle.Left hand look like Right hand.

Photo 2Photo 3

I respect Adolf Hitler.
He was a Outstanding Speecher.
=>Without Excellent Philosophy,Penetrating Power Deeply
on Audience’s Mind and Heart is ‘IMPOSSIBLE’.
Creating Irresistable IMPRESSION is ‘IMPOSSIBLE’,too.
Adolf Hitler,
He was man of God who followed Bible.
He hated Gay just like Jehovah GOD hate Gay.
He put Gay and Jewish and Gay Christian
in the Auschuwitz.
: I think,in Germany at the time,there had been
jewish and gay and catholic and protestant cooeration
for gay life and investment and trafficking business.
(Based on My Speculation)
Through the way,
Human Right was not available in the Auschuwitz
except Animal Treatment.
(Based on Victor Frankle’s book ‘Death Compound’)

*Do you know
In the Jesus Trial,
jewish people shouted “Let his blood be on us and
our descendents!” in the courtyard.

Their Wish came true trough
Adolf Hitler’s Auschuwitz Operation.

And now,

Gay Trafficking and
identity Theft and
Fraud Operation could be found in u.s.a
by Gay Community and Drug Organization and
Catholic Vatican and Protestante Christian and
Jewish Community and Italian Community and
Irish Community and u.s.a Black Community and
African Black Community and
Puerto Rican Community and Venezuelan Community
and Philippine Community and British Community
and Mexican Community and Chinese Community
and Korean Community and Japanese Community
and India Community and Russian Community
and most of other Minor Community and
French Community and Spanish Community and
White hair caucasian-Specially old ones and
IT business Companies and Enterpreises
-ex) Sony,Samsung,IBM,Apple,Dell,HP,Panasonic,
Broadcasting Companies,Movie Production Companies,
Magazine Companies(Specially TIME-People told me!),
Novell Prize Association(Just like Iranian Judge said,
it was a Fraud and it was Gay Trafficker and
Drug Organization Business),,etc-.

I could understand about Adolf Hitler’s Auschwitz Operation
I respect Adolf Hitler.
He was a Man Of GOD.

2009년 7월 3일 금요일 오후 1시 58분
애플 컴퓨터매장에서 매장에 전시되어 있는
(Apple Computer store
4860 Bethesda Ave
Bethesda M.D 20814-Montgomery County)



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