101) I delivered this letter to most of Embassy in washington d.c.

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Just like this people blocked My Background when I
tried to take a picture with my letter what I delivered to
the most of Embassy in washington d.c between Dec-24-2004 to Jan-12-2005.
They seemed to be madeline albright connection.
It means democratic party and gay community.

Whenever I type a letter,they talk loudly or speak on the
It means there is intelligence technology to disturb
There is no doubt about it.
It have happened around me from manhattan 4 years ago.

How could be there so many coincidence and timing on
the same situation?

I created 3D2S Concept.
Different Face
Different Race
Different Place
Same Technic
Same Operation

Still the lady talk behind me so fastly and nervously,
Even in Apple Computer store 2700 Clarendon Blvd Arlington V.A 22201 happened same thing by the floor
sales man and woman.

Whenever I type,they talked loudly behind me Fastly and
Even they shouted behind me.

I think madeline albright might be hiding in the cross
street building for watching me.

I do not support jewish and gay.

They are minority and I am minority.

I exposed Durg Business and identity theft
and opposed gay right.

They have bothered me and
they have enjoyed Cheating,Taunts,Threatening,Stealing
to me and against me.

Who are they?

They are nothing more than Drug and Gay Minority.

4 of My Friend(south korean) worked in the c.i.a
Drug carrier ship.

김상식목사-Kim Sang Sik(Pastor-)
김선정-Kim Sung Jung(Los Angeles C.A Kim Sang Sik Brother in law)
박재성-Park Jae Sung
배상-Mr Bae in New York

Most of them speak speak Spanish and Portuguese and

Kim Sun Jung who live in los angeles told me about
c.i.a drug business after he came back from the drug
carrier ship when we were living in Paraguay.

And now,
I could concern about c.i.a perceived it and
they have watched me.

And they have prepared Set-Up with other guy who
look like me for the fake evidence against me.

After I found out their operation against me,
I exposed the c.i.a Drug Business and Microsoft
Internet Explorer Identity Theft Case to the world
through internet in los angeles c.a.

I think it is my right!

I cannot understand what is wrong.

I suggested public talking but u.s.a ignored it.

I cannot understand what is their point.

Just through this way they have enjoyed
Cheating,Taunts,Threatening and Stealing.

I do not trust u.s government and minority.

Even if u.s.a move their ass about it now,
it is just better than nothing.

Do you want to move your ass now?
Move it!

You don’t want?
Don’t move!

Who care?

I think,
Bill Clinton cannot enjoy his wealth because of public eyes.

So,chelsea clinton’s black organization and boy prostitute organization have chased me with many other minority and police and intelligence agencies.

Kim Sun Jung who is living in Los Angeles told me about
the c.i.a Drug Business.

There was a episode.

Jul-4-2009 Saturday pm 12:49
with displayed MacBook Air in
Apple Computer store on
4860 Bethesda Ave
Bethesda M.D 20814
Photo 2



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