81) I am a south korean Homeless Man and New Upgrade!

Photo 1Photo 2

This is Apple MacBook.I am holding the newspaper and the sign in my right hand.

Look like left hand.It is My Left Knee.


Photo 6Photo 7


People is nervous with My Korean Newspaper in my hand.


Because of the chinese or japanese gay?

People said the gay got joe biden and obama

and donald trump and local police department support

with churches and vatican

who support democratic party and drug business.

So,they have used me for them.

They have stolen My IDEA,DESIGN,CODE,IDENTITY,Superball Jackpot

through identity theft for the gay right.


microsoft and apple have supported them with sony,samsung,ibm,lenovo,,,etc.


IT business is Intelligence Technology and Gay Technology

for invading other’s privacy and collecting information.

I gave them My IDEA how to prevent identity theft from internet with

Web Broweser 4 years ago.

But they released New Operating System without Proper/Safe Security System.


World knows u.s.a is Identity Theft Paradise.

In Los Angeles,

L.A.P.D told me Police Department cannot handle Identity Theft

because Average Identity Theft Report was 100,000 annually.

I found out u.s.a police department is very proud of themselves with

Out Of Controlled Identity Theft Situation in u.s.


They are one of them who have enjoyed 

Cheating,Taunts,Threatening,Stealing against me 

from more than 5 yeasr ago.

World knows who I am.

I exposed c.i.a drug business and 

microsoft internet explorer identity theft to the world

and I opposed gay right in public.

What a law enforcement attiute they got!


Local Chain store(Their Secret Operation Team),Rental Car Company,

Boy Prostitutes,Girl Prostitutes,University Students,Foreign Students,

Church Pastors,Catholic Priests,Black who serve meal in the church,

Security guard,Unkown normal civilian(They might be secret operation team),,,etc!


Do not open your mouth to u.s.a government organization!

Open your mouth to the world.

I found out one more thing.

Normal u.s civilian knew very well how much

their government people is s~~~~~~~~~~o dangerous animal.

I could perceive their situation easily in public.

Totally normal civilian in u.s.a, they have been depressed and

they have been very cautious about their government.


I asked them to open their mouth to the world because

they are christian and they must follow bible Eiske Chapter 33.

u.s.a normal civilian has a obligation to let the world know about

the most dangerous human species in their country because

the species have pretended more christian and more good samarithan.

“Satan is Father of Lie” Bible said.


Gay Christian must have death penalty.

This is bible policy.

Pastors and Police men and Attorney team and Politicians must support me. 

What is this?

Why do I have to sleep in the street?


From Today June-16-2009 Tuesday pm 12:00


998,998,998 Trillion u.s Dollar,Euro,WON,YEN,

REAL,France Franc,Mark CASH and 

Pair of Swiss Festina GOLD SET with same condition.

Pay in Full First, 

No After Service,

No Warranty,

No Money Back,

No Sales TAS,

Sales is Final

*There will be upgrade.

**World doesn’t know about KIDNAPPING Situation by

   Drug and Gay and Prostitutes in .u.s.a.NOW!


This is Apple Computer store on 2700 Clarendon Blvd Arlington V.A 22201 

June-16-2009 Tuesday am 10:55.





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