77) Blocking Big Mouth by Jan-22-2009 Thu



2009년 6월 12일 토요일 오전 11시 44분에 라디오코리아의 내 KONG 카페에서 이리로 옮겼음.


내 다른 홈페이지

http://www.webjam.com/5050의 블로그에서
이리로 가져왔음

Jun-10-2009 Wednesday pm 4:48
Apple computer store
2700 Clarendon Blvd
Arlington V.A 22201

This is samsung experience in time warner building 3rd fl on 59th st and broadway where is Columbus Circle in manhattan new york u.s.a

January-23-2009 Friday pm 1:39. I am using samsung computer what is displayed in this store.

But I got this 2 picture in Apple computer store what is in Photo Album.

Go to http://7050.webs.com

I blocked abc,cbs,nbc,upn,espn,wb,cnn larry king”s World Wide Size BIG MOUTH yesterday! ^_^

I think it might be collapsing

his life courier and Oversensed-Self Portrait

what he have had in his own illusion.

At his old age,it might be hard to keep patience.

I mean he might be shaking because even he cannot refuse the Reality and the Truth and the Lazy attitude and

poor philosophy and unfaithful personality.

Do you think you are right voice what delivered right message to the world?

Do you think you are media king?

Do you think you are respectable person as a BIG MOUTH in u.s.a?

You have “3 Do” problem!

“The People who have deceived themselves is impossible to be reasonable and logical!” { Emboss This Words in Your Mind!-I am telling you!}

They could pretend reasonable and logical but it is nothing more than hypocrite!

Bible said,

“DO NOT DECEIVE YOURSELF!” { Emboss This Words,too! Bible is telling you!}

Jin,Yang Hun who is Single Renaissance Office.

Now pm 1:57 January-23-2009 Friday in samsung experience store

in time warner building 3rd fl on 59th st and broadway in manhattan new york.

I don”t know why I gotta sleep in the box on the street from 3 years ago.

Because I exposed c.i.a drug business to the world?

Because I exposed microsoft internet explorer identity theft to the world?

Because I opposed gay right as a christian in public?

What the fucking christian and human right big mouth shit u.s is!


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