57) To N.R.A Wayne LaPierre

542009년 6월 12일 토요일 오전 11시 44분에 라디오코리아의 내 KONG 카페에서 이리로 옮겼음.


내 다른 홈페이지 http://www.webjam.com/tiriti 의 Blog에서

이리로 옮겼음
전시되어 있는 흰색 맥북으로
Apple Computer store
2700 Clarendon Blvd
Arlington V.A 22201
2009-6-08 Monday pm 8:03

I am sending you this 1 more time.

Based on My Personal Opinion,

Strongly,I support Concealed Carry Gun and Gun Ownership 

because I found out too many secret operation team-There is students,too-

carry gun in their bag and pocket. 

And their attitude and operation was for Drug Business and Gay Right.

But they are the people who have insisted ”Banning Gun”. 

If you visit my Homepage and If you could find out what happened to me,

you might understand My Opinion about Gun Ownership is very important.

I exposed Drug Business and Identity Theft


I opposed Gay Right.

But the Molestation and Cheating and Taunts

by Hughes Organization and Gay Community and Prostitute Community 

and Attorney team and Police have happened to me from more than 4 years ago

in Los Angeles and Manhattan NY and Now here in washington d.c.

I am sending this email to you one more time to understand My Situation.

I am south korean man Jin,Yang Hun. 

“This letter to Wayne LaPierre is Public!”

Best regards,

From Court House V.A. 

I am using internet with displayed MacBook in Apple Computer store

on 2700 Claredon Blvd Court House V.A. 

This is Arlington County.

March-15-2009 Sunday pm 5:33.


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